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The Dyna Dolly

The Dyna Dolly

Introducing The Dyna DOLLY™




Three years of road tests, 8 months of re-design have resulted in the ONLY PATENTED Dolly System that lets you load, ship, and unload full-sized cargo containers recover motorcycles, move hot tubs, pull car engines, and much much more, from the familiarity and comfort of your very own pickup truck.


If you want to save time,

reduce hassle, and drastically cut costs, The Dyna Dolly™ system was created with you in mind.

See how we’ve redefined the capabilities

of traditional 5/8-2 ton pickup trucks and how you can be a part of our new generation of
Dolly Systems that give you the freedom to accomplish things you never thought were possible.

See what The Dyna Dolly™ can do for you.


Gooseneck Hookup

Trailer bed length – 6ft

Overall length with gooseneck – 15′

Gross weight – 3200 lbs.

4 heavy duty 12,000lb winches and Master Pull XD Sythentic Rope

Electric brakes with break away safety

Precision cut, MIG welded steel parts with certified welders

20in heavy duty tires – two 7,000lb axels

Color – standard black

See what The Dyna Dolly™ can do for you.


See Operations of The Dyna Dolly

More videos coming sooon